Why Your Company Needs a Hosted PBX System

Every business owner has definitely heard of a PBX system. However, most of them still have questions regarding its use or whether it is actually necessary for the kind of business they are running. A hosted PBX service delivered a range of benefits in places where normal telephone systems are weak. Learn more about  Panasonic Dubai,  go here. 

Hosted PBX systems were adopted in the place of the telephone since they make use of readily available internet connections to communicate to anybody from anywhere in the world. The first version of the PBX was introduced in 1997 and major improvements have been made since then to make the system better and faster. Nowadays, hosted PBX systems have more features than when they first stormed the market.

When you switch to a hosted PBX system, you will enjoy plenty of features including voicemail and telephone without having to buy new equipment. Instead of the real time monitoring, company directories, and call transfers between extensions, a hosted PBX comes with a real Automatic Call Distribution system which enables proper routing of calls to the right recipient. Other factors such as adding new users, changing hunt groups, and changing extensions is easy too. Find out for further details on  Avaya Support right here.

You can configure your PBX system to use your current voicemail feature. It can be set to transfer a call to your cellphone if it isn't answered on your PBX. It can also send a voicemail directly to your cellphone when the PBX system isn't answered. Call transfers in a hosted PBX can be achieved easily and custom recordings set to ask callers to leave a voicemail. This is very easy compared to the previous phones.

If you are thinking of switching to a PBX system and don't have a big budget, then there isn't any need to worry. There are small PBX systems that you can get for hosting a small group of people. However, you will need to buy new and bigger systems should you need to upgrade. The best thing about a PBX set up is that you will only pay for what you use and nothing more.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you switch to a PBX system. The crucial aspect is the ability to route unanswered calls to a cellphone. Unlike previous systems, the hosted PBX allows communication to take place beyond the office building. Installation costs are low and the setup procedure is quick and simple. Take a look at this link  https://www.britannica.com/technology/telephone  for more information.